Golfstore hires Sales Manager

After an extensive and thorough recruitment process with over 200 applications, Golfstore has hired a new Sales Manager. Peter Svensson, most recently from Optimera, will start on December 1, 2023.
– I have always admired Golfstore’s way of working and look forward to enhancing it further,“ he says.

Peter Svensson has a background in the golf industry, having worked for both Mizuno and TaylorMade/Adidas, but he comes most recently from Optimera, where he has been Unit Manager for the past three years.
– We want a more structured and stronger sales organisation. That’s why we’re turning to someone with extensive experience who can build a strong team of Member Success Agents,“ says Johan Thellmark, CEO of Golfstore, adding:
– Our members, the store owners, demand more services, and this is a way for us to meet that need and strengthen our relationship with the stores. We strongly feel that Peter embodies the values and mindset that Golfstore stands for, and that his ten years as a leader in other industries will help us achieve our future goals.

With Peter’s arrival, Golfstore members can expect a stronger presence in the field and knowledge that leaves an impact on the bottom line.
– Numbers are often a target, but it’s the relationships that generate them. That’s my perspective. Therefore, presence is crucial. I’m not someone who wants to sit behind a desk and have opinions; I want to take action and be involved hands-on.

Do you follow any motto?
– I’m a driven person who is very loyal to my employer. That’s why I’m communicative and keep my promises. During my time at Mizuno, I had a boss who told me to „under promise, but over deliver,“ and I believe there’s something to learn from those words.
– I’m really looking forward to starting what, to me, is the most interesting job in the golf industry.

For more information, please contact:

Johan Thellmark, CEO, Golfstore
040 42 95 00

Peter Svensson, Sales Manager, Golfstore
0734 – 16 83 39